Dr Joshua Reilly, ND

Every Clinic a "Blue Zone"


Dr. Reilly is the practice owner and a primary care physician at Wild Wellness Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine. He specializes in non-opioid pain medicine, cardiometabolic disease, autoimmune disease, digestive health, mental wellness, and preventative care. He utilizes botanical medicine, bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT), IV therapy, prolotherapy, physical medicine, acupuncture, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle counseling as primary modalities in his practice with the intent of prolonging healthy living. 


A graduate of Bastyr University, he received the same education in the sciences of the human body, physical exam techniques, and diagnostic capabilities as conventional doctors received. However, where conventional doctors focus primarily on pharmaceutical medications and higher intervention specialties, Dr. Reilly’s training focused more on botanical medicine, dietary & lifestyle interventions, nutrition, nutraceuticals (i.e., vitamins and supplements), exercise medicine, physical medicine, and counseling. And while he can prescribe most pharmaceutical medications, he strives to use other modalities to treat his patients before reaching for his prescription pad. 


His goal with all of his patients is to reverse disease, prevent disease and slow down the process of aging. Dr. Reilly strongly believes the blue zones of the world have provided us with the best longitudinal study or a recipe known to prolong healthy aging. A “Blue Zone” diet and lifestyle offers a multi-generational recipe to prolong aging. Dr. Reilly believes by applying this traditional wisdom, with our advancing knowledge in regenerative medicine, we can control, prevent, and begin to reverse the chronic conditions of age, like arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disease through restorative healing practices.  


Dr. Reilly spent over 15 years working in fisheries, wildlife and companion animal research, nutrition, and product development. In studying animals, regardless of wild or domestic, you realize there is often a population who grows, thrives, and reproduces successfully, while others stagnate or even disappear. The reason for this is that the most successful population (i.e., longer lived, and sustainable) has the healthiest habitat. A healthy habitat means an environment that provides everything an animal needs to find and gather food, select a mate, and successfully reproduce. To bring a wild animal successfully into a built environment, or into captivity, it is necessary that we mimic their optimal habitat. Dr. Reilly’s primary agenda became determining what each species optimal habitat and social structure looked like in the wild, and then adequately mimicking that or even improving upon it for domestic environments. When designing products for pets as well as threatened and endangered species, the goal is to optimize environmental and nutritional health to enhance both lifespan and health-span. Health-span means the animal retains a high quality of life into old age. That means providing a complete and balanced diet, a clean water source, personal space, optimal male female ratio, and the best social structure. Social structure and nutrition were key to health of all mammals. At this time in his career, since pharmaceutical for minor species were scarce, Dr. Reilly became fascinated with functional ingredients, botanicals and nutritional products that could optimize health, prevent disease, and in some cases reverse disease in animals.  


This spurred an interest that eventually, by happy coincidence, led him to pursue a Naturopathic Medical degree.  


Dr. Reilly, while at Bastyr University, became acquainted with a significant body of research that appealed to him, since it was in alignment with what he had seen in his animal research. There was medical research indicating that the way people related to, or treated, one another in community had a profound impact their individual and collective longevity. This made sense to Dr. Reilly, as it was true that displays of empathy and altruism, as well as cooperation, were often necessary components of survival in the healthiest habitats of many mammals and even some birds he had studied. As part of an independent study entitled “Applied Altruism in Health Sciences,” Dr. Reilly intently studied the “Blue Zones” of the world, as well as other heart healthy, long-lived communities around the world. He came to realize that altruism, empathy, and family centered community were necessary components of individual longevity and community health. Combining this research with his already extensive nutrition, functional medicine and formulating experience, Dr. Reilly created a comprehensive corporate and family wellness educational program with strong preventative medicine, nutrition, health, individual and family mentorship components. This was the beginnings of “The Blue Zone Plan” and “The Roots of Wellness Plan” which Dr. Reilly offers at his Wild Wellness Clinic in Tucson.  


Dr. Reilly sees patients both in his private practice Wild Wellness Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine and at Innovative Primary Care. An enthusiastic advocate for the body’s natural healing abilities, he enjoys teaching his patients how to achieve and maintain optimal wellness. He utilizes botanical medicine, BHRT, IV therapy, prolotherapy, physical medicine, acupuncture, nutraceuticals, and lifestyle counseling as primary modalities in his practice with the intent of prolonging healthy living for each of his patients. He approaches each visit with enthusiasm and compassion and looks forward to helping you on your journey towards wellness. 


Dr. Reilly looks forward to meeting you and helping you start your journey towards wellness.