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Dr. Joshua Reilly, NMD

Telephone: (520) 600-0211

Fax:  (520)-600-0212

7790 N Oracle Rd. Suite #120.

Oro Valley, AZ 85704


We do not take Insurance. We are a Concierge Practice with plans that fit all needs. Patients receive a "Superbill" which serves as both Invoice and Signed Medical Paperwork that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Accepting New Patients - Book Now!

Naturopathic Doctor's are NOT currently covered under Medicare or Medicaid / AHCCCS in Arizona. For this reason Dr. Reilly now offers his $65.00 Monthly Assurance Plan for patients experiencing Financial Need, as he believes strongly that everyone should be able to benefit from Natural Medicine in a Primary Care Model.

Naturopathic Doctors are currently lobbying at the State and Federal level for coverage in Licensed States. If you would like Naturopathic Care to be offered under your Insurance please contact your provider directly and contact your State and Federal Elected Officials and let them know you want Naturopathic Care Covered. 

*20% Discount for 65+, Students, Teachers, Military, Veterans, Healthcare Workers, Police, Fire & Union Members (Discount Does Not Apply to Out of Plan Visits and IV's)


Men’s and Women’s Healthcare including Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pain Medicine, Weight Loss, Bio-individual Nutrition, Cardiometabolic and Autoimmune Conditions, IV Therapy, Longevity Medicine, Gastrointestinal Health, Integrative Medicine, and Primary Care.

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Every Clinic a “Blue Zone”.


Blue Zone /blo͞o zōn/ - geographic areas in which people have low rates of chronic disease and live longer than anywhere else.

Wild Wellness Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine – a family medical practice - dedicated to the wild proposition that happiness is essential to physical health and longevity. Whether you live with a chronic illness or rarely have health complaints, seeing a licensed naturopathic doctor (ND) can help improve your quality of life.


The only doctors trained to use conventional diagnostic testing and natural treatments, naturopathic doctors emphasize disease prevention, the body’s inherent healing ability, and treating the whole person.


We are a Naturopathic Primary Care, Age Management, Pain Management and Family Medical practice that focuses on optimizing patient health at every age by applying traditional diet and lifestyle practices found in the happiest, heart healthiest, longest lived communities around the world, known as “Blue Zones.”

Dr. Reilly integrates the traditional diet and lifestyle practices of people in those “Blue Zones” into a workable recipe for each of his patients. He calls this “The Roots of Wellness.”


Blending “The Roots of Wellness" with innovative advances in lab testing, nutrition, hormone therapy, anti-aging and regenerative medical therapies allows us to reverse sickness and optimize health for each of our patient’s regardless of their age.

We ask that you book a FREE INTRO VISIT and find out what Dr. Reilly can do for you. 

Welcome to Wild Wellness!  

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Bussiness Hours:
Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Naturopathic Medicine
$200.00/ hr ; 100.00/ 30 min. *Member Pricing Available!
Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage + Health Counseling included with all visits
(Swedish, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Physical Manipulation, etc.)


Medical Marijuana Consult
$99 Including Certification and Filing
*price match any competitor
Medical Marijuana Patients pay approximately 25% less than Adult Use Prices

State Fee (Visa or MasterCard)

$75 w/ proof of EBT/SNAP program. $150 otherwise

*20% Discount for 65+, Students, Teachers, Military, Veterans, Healthcare Providers, Police, Fire & Union Members


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Take control of your health

Convenient at Home Blood Tests, Men's Hormone Panel and Women's Hormone Panel, available with Results Reported Directly to you and Dr. Reilly

STARTING AT $68.00!!!


The Galleri test is a multicancer early detection test that detects a common cancer signal across more than 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw.

  • Early Cancer Detection (detects cancer cells before any symptoms) 

  • Test with ease from home (Dr Reilly will send a trained phlebotomist to your house to administer the screening)

  • Actionable results (Upon detection of cancer you will be contacted be medical professionals to start treatment.



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Mega Multi-Vitamin

A Multi-vitamin with an extra boost of power!

Natural Raspberry Flavored Gummies.

Essential Nutrients for the whole family.

Easy to eat gummies.

Convenient and Tasty Essentials.

Fullscript Products

Get your supplements and botanicals, right here and now, for delivery to your door. Visit Wild Wellness's Virtual Dispensary Powered by


100 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

500 times more potent than Green Tea.

800 times stronger than CoQ10.

6000 times more powerful than Vitamin C.

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