With the costs of healthcare per person generally exceeding $10,000.00 annually as of 2015, and the typical doctor's visit lasting for less than 15 min., we at Wild Wellness Integrative Medicine decided to offer a more affordable, more Naturopathic patient centric option of healthcare, for both our insurance and non-insurance patients alike.  We are now offering Wild Wellness Health Plans with both 6 month and 12 month options available.  Payment in full for each package is required for this extraordinary savings. Financing is available.  

Each Wild Wellness Health Plan Offers the following:  

  1. ONE (90 min) Annual Wellness Visit Per Plan Participant (includes sports physicals).

  2. TWO (60 min) or 4 (30 min) Naturopathic Medical Visits Per Plan Participant, Per Month (includes pain management, health counseling and preventative medicine visits)

  3. TWO (60 min) or 4 (30 min) Massage/Acupuncture/Myofascial Release Appointments Per Plan Participant, Per Month 

  4. ONE (30 min) Medical Marijuana/Non-Opioid Pain Management Consultation to include Trigger Point/Prolotherapy Injections on up to 2 Body Regions Per Plan Participant, Per Year.

  5. Guaranteed Same Day Appointment if Necessary

  6. Any visit can be requested as a home visit within a 50 mile radius or clinic for an additional $50.00 per visit.

  7. Dr. Reilly will return your phonecall/e-mail personally within 24 hrs. as a plan participant

  8. 15% off of IV's and Vitamin/Nutrient Injections

  9. 10% off of all in house vitamins and supplements

  10. 50% off of all Pain Management and Injection Therapies

  11. Guaranteed individualized attention for 30 min. at every visit with treatment and dietary monitoring.

  12. Free Telemedicine Visit < 5 min. in duration. 


We offer 6 and 12 month packages for individuals, couple's and families:

  • Payment of the full cost of the service package is required in advance for substantial savings. FSA/HSA cards maybe used for payment of visit fees and/or supplements. Feel free to pay and enroll online, or visit us in the office for more information and to see if we're a good fit for your Naturopathic Preventative and essential medical needs. Financing is available.  

The Plan options follow: 

Wild Wellness Health Plan (Individual)                 


Wild Wellness Health Plan (2-3 person plan) 


Wild Wellness Health Plan (4+ person plan)