Dr. Candice Staniek, ND

Naturopathic Physician


Dr. Staniek has a special interest in Mental-emotional Well-being, Pain Management, Women's Health, Adolescent's Health, Preventative Medicine, and Functional Medicine.

Her approach is one that is considered "out-of-the-box" in terms of determining the root of the conditions and symptoms. 


Her special interests include psychosocial aspects of well-being and natural approaches to many conditions including: GI disturbances, arrhythmias, concussions, anxiety, depression, hormone imbalance, fatigue, insomnia, and infections.

Dr. Staniek has advanced training in mitochondrial disfunction, neural therapy, dural attachment therapy, applied kinesiology, and mind-body medicine. 

She specializes in listening to your his-story in order to create a personalized, wholistic treatment plan.  Her plans are both collaborative and eclectic.   Her varied approach has proven results with her patients.  

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